Menù a la carte



Smoked Garda Lake trout, thinly sliced,
flavoured with citrous fruit and extra vergin local olive oil 
served in the “Pecorino“ cheese basket 
€ 8,00

Octopus, thinly sliced, served with mixed vegetables
€ 8,00

Chopping of various sliced hams and italians "schiacciata" with origan
€ 8,00

Plate of horse meat  with rucola herb, champignon mushroom
and sweet and sour shallots
€ 8,00

First courses


Farfalle  pasta with ragout of boar flauored with Garda orange, wild fennel and cumin 
€ 8,00

Bigoli pasta with cacio cheese and pepper 
€ 8,00

Penne pasta with bacon and tomato sauce 
€ 7,00

Linguine pasta with bacon, eggs and parmesan cheese sauce 
€ 7,00

Our special soup of the day served with bread croutons  
€ 7,00



Second courses

Sliced grilled beef with rocket, Parmesan cheese flakes
and carameled shallot 
€ 12.00

Roast-beef with fries 
€ 10 ,00

Roulade of bread filled with mixed garden vegetables
and mozzarella cheese 
€ 10,00

Grilled Garda Lake fish with fresh salad 
€ 13,00

Boneless grilled sea bass or  sea bream fish 
served with garnish at the choice.... 
€ 13,00

Every Sunday our  special “Spiedo”: Small pieces of meat cooked on a spit: pork loin, pork ribs, chicken served with typical homemade corn porridge and fresh salad…….. or during the week on request….



€ 4.50

          Homemade tiramisù          

Panna cotta topped with caramell sauce

Homemade crunchy almonds cake with white chocolate 

Crepe with Nutella chocolate and  whipped cream 

Apple tart  served with ice cream flavoured with cinnamon

Sherbet with red grapes sauce

Ice cream topped with hot chocolate and meringues