From Fasano to Salò

A few kilometers from the hotel you will find historic places to visit and wonderful scenery of our lake to admire

Botanical Garden (Gardone Riviera)
"The most sumptuous of the gardens of Eden"

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani (Gardone Riviera)

Gabriele D'Annunzio set up the Vittoriale degli Italiani at Gardone Riviera between 1921 and 1938 thanks to the collaboration with the architect Gian Carlo Maroni, to whom he entrusted the task of closing his "memories in a stone case", reserving the decoration for it.

.... fountains, statues, gardens, steps along the way make this place a destination for thousands of people a year ...

The Divino Infante Museum (Gardone Riviera)

The Museo Il Divino Infante Foundation documents, through the exhibited artefacts, the techniques, the uses, the materials, the iconography linked to the theme of the all-round sculpture having the subject "Child Jesus" and, in some examples, "Maria Bambina" .


The MuSa, inaugurated in June 2015, through the collections, the staging and even more through the initiatives that will make it a lively place of culture, wants to be a place to gather, interpret, communicate to the community and to those who visit Salò and Garda , the identity of the city, its treasures, its contribution to national history.

Island of Garda (San felice Del Benaco)

From April to October they are open to guided tours, cured with passion by the Conti Cavazza owners of the ISOLA.

From Fasano to Riva

The valley of the paper mills - Museo della carta (Toscolano Maderno)
Toscolano takes its historical roots in the Valle delle Cartiere, a paper pole located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, of notable fame and productive tradition already started in the fifteenth century.
The strategic geographical position and the thriving port have been a strong point in the history of the Toscolano Maderno Cartiere Valley and thanks to the incentives guaranteed by the Republic of Venice it has been possible to give a strong impetus to the development of the paper industry.

The church of Sant Andrea (Toscolano Maderno)
The Romanesque church of S. Andrea dates back to the 12th century and was built over the remains of an ancient Lombard church.

Villa Romana dei nonii arrii (Toscolano Maderno)
Located a few meters before the entrance to the Cartiera di Toscolano, the Roman villa of the Nonii Arrii is one of the most important residential buildings in Roman times on the shores of Lake Garda

Church of San Francesco (Gargnano)

Pra de la Fam Limonaie (Tignale)

Inside the Rocca *, an ancient medieval castle, is the Riva del Garda Museum, with its permanent sections, the spaces reserved for temporary exhibitions and the space-workshop INVento aimed at children and families.

Museum of the hydroelectric power plant (Riva del Garda)