Restaurant Pizzeria

Traditional Cuisine




Our restaurant awaits you with our traditional, homemade and authentic cuisine.
Along with our food, you can try the famous wine of the Garda lake region.
For the families, we suggest for children (under 8 years old) to try our simple but tasty dishes, along with a soft drink, a dessert or an ice-cream.






You can try our tasty pizzas, made with love and the most authentic ingredients, all in a relaxing ambience.

A brief history: 
Pizza is a typical dish with bread and tomato, often served with cheese, which exists since always in the middle East and Mediterranean cuisine.

The word "Pizza" appeared for the first time in a latin text found in the italian town of Gaeta in 997 AD, where it is said that one of the inhabitants had to give the bishop "duodecim pizze", which means twelve pizzas, each Christmas and each Easter Sunday.