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Thanks to the conformation of the territory each area of ​​Lake Garda is known for outdoor sports.

The northern part of Garda, close to the mountains, is very famous for its constant winds, a guarantee for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.

The Alto Garda area is instead famous all over the world as the mecca of climbing, but also for cycling, trekking and via ferrata.

Monte Baldo is located on the north-eastern side of Lake Garda and with its cableway open 10 months a year, has a good network of trails for hiking or biking.

Monte Baldo is also a paragliding take-off area. It is usual to see many paragliders flying over Malcesine and among them, in addition to the two-seat flights, you will notice the acrobatic paragliders who come to train safely thanks to the presence of water and the height of the mountain.



Scuderia Castello Gaino - Toscolano Maderno

Raidhohealinghorses Gargnano

Circolo Ippico the Collina Gavardo




The golf region of Lake Garda is a unique experience for every fan of this sport. The splendid golf courses of the Garda as well as being designed in a particular and individual way blend harmoniously and unique with the various faces of the territory, whose beauty has always made this region a popular tourist destination.

The fields are practicable all year round and are a great challenge for beginners and for more experienced golfers.

Golf Bogliaco Toscolano Maderno / Altogarda Golf Bogliaco Riva del Garda


Golf club Il colombaro Salò

Arzaga golf Club Calvagese of the Riviera





Tennis center   Tremosine


Tennis Rimbalzello Barbarano di Salò


Tennis Canottieri  Salò



Events on Lake Garda, what to do and what to see

There are so many sporting events that mark the season on Lake Garda.

May with the Bike Festival, an event that inaugurates the mountain bike season.
The international Bardolino Triathlon, every year in June since 1984, is the first triathlon organized in Italy.
August / September the Rock Master, an international festival that moves the world climbing scene to Arco.
And for those who want a race race outside the box in Rovereto in September there is the fun Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun.
The first weekend of September is La Centomiglia, the most prestigious and spectacular regatta in the world organized on non-marine waters. No less important are the many national and international regattas organized by sailing clubs in the front row of the Fraglia Vela Malcesine, which in 2014 brought the Star World Cup to Malcesine.
We continue with Punta Veleno, the hillclimb on the most poisonous climb in Italy, not to forget the beautiful Lake Garda Mountain Race, 2000 meters in altitude from Lake to Cima Pozzette, on Monte Baldo and in Limone there is Vertical Extreme and Skyrace.


And finally ... we report here three routes that you can undertake starting directly from our Hotel

Walk from Fasano Sotto to Fasano Sopra and back.
"It is for those who want to live healthy, there is nothing but Fasano", say the Fasano people.

duration 1 h
easy difficulty

The name of their village, which extends between the Rio Torto stream and the Bornico stream, seems to derive rather from pheasant. In fact, in ancient maps there is the name of Fagiania, a land of pheasants. It starts from the Fasano Sotto bus stop going up along Via Cipani. "At the first intersection we find Villa Pedrazzi (also Villa Ideale),
Here, during the Republic of Salò (1943-1945), Georg Zachariae, the personal physician of Mussolini, lived.
Turn left and go up via Resola. A "panoramic point" sign leads us to one of the most evocative places of Fasano Sopra.
It is a space at the height of a circular shaped hill. The mountain, with its terraces that from the bottom to the other, tighten in circles, resembles a spiral. And this is due to his name: Riolet (= "roll", in dialect "riol"). Returning to the main road, you reach the church of Fasano Sopra. For the return we follow the path of the processions of a time that took place to propitiate the sowing and the good harvest in the days before the Ascension. So we cross a face (via Castello) and continue, going south, that is, keeping right, among olive groves and gardens. We reach Villa del Sogno and Villa Gemma, and then continue along Corso Zanardelli up to our starting point


For San Rocco in Supiane (path 8)
Walk from Fasano Sotto to Supiane and back.

duration 1.5 h
difference in height 300 m
difficult difficulty

It starts from the bus stop of Fasano Sotto going up via Cipiani that the Fasano call, perhaps a little exaggerating, the "Rata" (the bristling).
On the other side of via Belvedere we cross the steep road between stone walls to arrive right at the entrance of a pizzeria in the middle of meadows and olive groves. The view that can be enjoyed from its large terrace makes us soon forget the effort of the climb. On the Via della Calma we continue uphill to the nearby village of Supiane, whose name (sö le piane) means, rightly, "on the plateau".
Let's just take a few steps on Via Supiane to get to the climax of this walk, the ancient church of San Rocco in Supiane. Back at the beginning of the village, we leave the small chapel dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine on the right and descend along a steep road with a splendid visit to Gardone and the Vittoriale to reach the communication route between Gardone and San Michele.

Walk from Gardone Sotto to San Michele. Return on foot or by bus.

duration 2 h

Difference in altitude 400 mdifficulty very challengingOur starting point is the Botanical Garden of the André Heller Foundation. Following the signal for the Vittoriale, we arrive in Piazza dei Caduti. We leave the Vittoriale entrance on the right, which runs along the perimeter walls, taking Via delle Arche, which takes its name from the marble sarcophagi of the "Mausoleum", located inside the Vittoriale.La road leading to San Michele can be abbreviated with two shortcuts (signs "San Michele"). At the height of a group of houses (n.30 and 32), take the road that goes up to the right. After the last house and at a curve to the left, continuing straight on a path which, through the bush with a view of the houses of the picturesque village of Supiane, enters Via della Calma, we climb up to San Michele. From there our gaze sweeps over the morainic hills of the southern shore of Lake Garda and, towards the east, up to Monte Pastello, beyond the Adige valley.